Craft Market


Craft Market

The proposed centre will consist of 4 units, approx. 20msq each.The kiosks will have a mix of products from different craft producers, thus drawing more ‘feet’ to the Museum. One will be able to purchase baskets from the rural craft centres as well as other crafts made locally and in Botswana. The others tenants will be a mix, with suggestions being: a florist; a fashion designer; a jeweller and a travel agent. Although income from craft production can be relatively small, the impact the income has is enormous on households as the income goes directly to households’ needs such as food, education, clothing, household basics, toiletries and livestock.

Craft makers throughout the Okavango River Basin produce and sell craft as one of the many livelihood strategies that supplement subsistence farming. Most producers are poor, rural women in remote villages, with limited opportunities to supplement their livelihoods. Craft production is often quite an intense activity with relatively marginal income earned when taking into account the time, effort, and skill required compared to the perceived market value of the items at the retail end. However, once she or he has developed a marketable product, can earn a regular income based on personal direct investment of energy.  Thus it can be accepted that basket-making and other crafts have the potential to diversify rural incomes and improve livelihoods within the Okavango River Basin. 




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