Maun Caves


Maun Caves

The caves along the river bank of the Tlhamalakane River has a somewhat an eerie story behind them.  Used in the past by Maun general clinic under the SDA mission as a morgue to keep dead bodies at a time when the clinic did not have modern morgue fridges or storage.  The caves where also used by the clinic to keep drugs, medicine and other essential medical supplies at a time when storage was limited and at  time when the temperatures of the caves  provided better temperatures.

Around 2014 some youth around Maun used these caves as hideout when absconding from school. They claimed to be worshipping the devil. Since then the community of Maun congregated to offer players at this site and the site has been sealed off. The caves have a heritage story to tell. The site around the caves is in need of a facelift, with proper care and use; this can be a tourist attraction in Maun. Along with the Old Kgotla monuments and the Motsaudi tree site, the caves will form a formidable tourism trail in Maun with significant economic benefits to community members.




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