Projects in Progress

Maun Old Kgotlha Building

This site has been identified as of significant value to the Batawana tribe, it has a distinct cultural heritage value and its preservation is of outer most importance.  The future objective is to identify which of the heritage structures are worthy of investment for either restoration or...

Motsaudi Tree African Mangosteen (Garcinia Livingstonei)

Legend has it that long time ago, The Bayei who resided in the Okavango Delta used to travel by Mokoro/Dugout Boat to Maun. The entourage will then set up camp along Tlhamalakane River Bank, at the Majestic Motsaudi Tree. It was at this tree camp that the bayei will engage in a barter exchange...

Maun Caves

The caves along the river bank of the Tlhamalakane River has a somewhat an eerie story behind them.  Used in the past by Maun general clinic under the SDA mission as a morgue to keep dead bodies at a time when the clinic did not have modern morgue fridges or storage.  The caves where also used by...

Completed Projects


The auditorium is an income generator for the Museum. Additionally, the auditorium will be used as a conference facility for:  The Auditorium as well as the art studio was made possible to funding from the European Union. Lectures, Schools (prize giving at year end), Coffee shop events, Weddings...

Craft Market

The proposed centre will consist of 4 units, approx. 20msq each.The kiosks will have a mix of products from different craft producers, thus drawing more ‘feet’ to the Museum. One will be able to purchase baskets from the rural craft centres as well as other crafts made locally and in Botswana. The...



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